I just wanted to update you on some exciting reopening news! Finally, we have been given the green light by the Provincial Health Minister and Worksafe to be able to reopen as if May 19th. I have set my opening date for June 2nd as I am waiting on back-ordered PPE and getting settled into the new space in Robson.

As I had mentioned on my page there has been a lot of change since you've last been in. One big change is I have relocated to Robson. I will be renting a chair at Jagged Edge Salon. Located right beside the Lion’s Head Pub. 2623 Broadwater Dr. I realize this is a bit of a commute but the space made sense to me on many levels considering this new situation including, days scheduled, PPE, insurance, laundry facilities, parking, and many other factors. I also needed the business model to change as I, unfortunately, could not find qualified staff.

There will be many changes in the way I conduct services also. I will have to adhere to guidelines set out by the Provincial Health Authority in conjunction with Work Safe. I have listed these below.

Appointments I will be offering the customers who had existing appointments that were canceled in March. I start pre-booking appointments on May 19th. You can rebook at the end of your appointment but for only one month in advance. All appointments will be taken over text, phone, or electronically. (Facebook, IG) There will be no one able to wait in the shop for their appointment with the exception of children and the elderly needing assistance. I ask for you to wait in your vehicle or the pub ;) and I will text or wave you when I am ready for you.

Illness Please cancel your appointment if you are sick and have any of the symptoms in the last 10 days of Covid-19 listed below or if anyone in your household is sick and refrain from booking for 14 days. Anyone who has arrived from outside Canada, or who is in contact with a Covid-19 case, to self- isolate for 14 days and monitor. I will do the same and please be patient with me if this is required.

Symptoms include:

Walk in's will be put on hold until further notice.

Cash will be accepted, please try to have the correct change. Square (debit tap) and E transfer.

Hand Washing will be done by staff upon arriving at the workplace, before and after breaks, after handling cash, before and after handling common equipment and tools.

Talk The recommendation is to have less chit chat while in the shop. This lessens the chance of transmission and hopefully the time in the chair! (lucky for you, haha!)

Beverages This is still unclear, for now, the Pub is right next door if you want one!

Product I will have limited product displayed but I will carry all the great support products you have come to enjoy. Just ask me. I can arrange for curbside pick-up also.

Beard Trims TBA

Shaving Postponed until further notice.

PPE For all of our safety: Hand sanitizer must be used by every client at the front door. I will be required to wear a mask, clean operating apron, *protective eyewear. You will be required to wear a mask and elective protective eyewear supplied by me. Bring your own clean mask if you can. If you cannot, a mask will be provided for you.

Sanitation The entire work area, equipment, chair, debit/phone will be disinfected between each service with hospital grade disinfectant. The appropriate amount of time to soak will be taken as per the manufacturer's directions. Touchpoints in the shop, door handles, sinks, washroom, light switches will be disinfected at the beginning of the day, approximately every four hours and at the end of the day. I will be using disposable Sanex neck strips (which I use already) & disposable or clean cape will be used for every client. Equipment will not be shared and if any common product is it will be kept in separate clean and dirty bins.

Washroom Please try to refrain from using the shop washroom but it's available if you need it. There is also a public washroom located at the Pub next door and an ATM machine.

Prices I will be implementing a price increase of $4.00 Men's cuts will now be $30.00. This is slightly less than the industry average for the area now. I am making every effort to manage costs with a minimal increase to you without lowering the standard of safety.

The Barber industry has not been given industry-specific guidelines. It seems like it varies a bit from shop to shop. I will do my best to keep us all safe and will continue to follow WorkSafe standards as this evolves. If you have any concerns please let me know. We will update the protocol if directed.

Wow, that's a lot but we will get through this together and I am excited to be able to get you back on track to your handsome self very soon!


Noble Cut

Hair Cut, Wash, Scalp Massage, Razor Neck Shave

Noble & Beard Trim

Buzz Cut

Straight Blade Razor Head Shave

Beard Trim

Scalp Treatment

Invigorating Scalp Massage, Exfoliation

Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave

The Works

Hair Cut, Hot Towel Straight Blade Razor Shave


Shoe Shine - Express Hilights


Express Grey Blending

Neck Wax

Facial Hair Wax


Great cut and great service!

Bruce Kruk

My son just got his haircut here... looks amazing! Love it!

Larissa Harrington

Hands down, best Barber in the Kootenays!. Sonja asks you what you want, you show her, and she performs perfection!.

Kevin Courchaine

Great idea, great service, excellent execution!!! Would highly recommend to any man who could use a pampering.

Doug Handley